Skating Through Life (or not)

A gentleman in my matchbook club was scaling down some of his collections and offered me the opportunity to buy his roller skating decal collection (since I purchased a few choice cuts previously.) I took him up on his offer and now – surprise – I have a pretty nice collection of roller skating decals.

The rub of it is…..I don’t know how to roller skate. Just call me XanaDUD!

Me learning to roller skate on the mean streets of Midway City, CA

I tried to learn as a kid, but I just do not have that kind of coordination. This is also why I can’t play a two handed musical instrument. But the allure of roller skating has always drawn me in and now I can live out all of my vintage roller skating fantasies via this decal collection.

Here is a smidgen of my roller skating decals collection (Southern California rinks.)

Here’s some odds and ends I found about the above roller rinks on the Internet:


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