You Down With O.P.P.?

(Other Peoples Postcards)

Although they’re not a big part of my collection, I do have a fair amount of postcards. Because I don’t take it too seriously, it allows me to not follow postcard collecting rules and I just pick up whatever I like. Like with the majority of my collection, I always try to pick up items that I can pair with other items.

Here are a few that I picked up today:


Harvest House Cafeterias were the official cafeteria of Woolworths.




Surprise! It’s still open.

Not surprise! It’s full of bed bugs, roaches, and dead hookers.





Home of Dragnet!

Speaking of Hollywood…..




Clearly a Neanderthal had this matchcover before me, since it’s bobtailed AND the matches are shucked (it’s a Feature matchbook, so you don’t remove the matches.) But anyways, here is a cover for the Hollywood Colonial:

It is indeed an investment in good health, as long as you don’t get stabbed in the parking lot.







Pre-Mission Inn Hotel Glenwood




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