Rustling Up Some Grub at the Steak Corral

As you know, I’m a sucker for a cheap steak.

Not that I haven’t had (and liked) expensive steak. But sometimes you just need your meat desires met in the most efficient and inexpensive way possible.

And that’s why Steak Corral is pretty rad.


IMG_2650We went on a Saturday night in December and it was pretty crowded and it’s not very big (FYI). But the charm just oooozes out of Steak Corral before you even enter the place, with its rustic faux ranch exterior and Steak Kid outside. He’s all “Howdy Partner – welcome to the Steak Co-rral! Don’t forget to visit our mighty fine fixins bar!” And look – he used to be legit corralling a steak! But alas, his steak must of broken off in the wind and like a tumbleweed, tumbled down dusty ol’ Washington Blvd.

Once you get corralled into the Steak Corral, you’ll see that it’s just as rustic on the inside with it’s western and cowboy ephemera on the walls. Their menu is limited, but that’s FINE. I’m sick of these restaurants where the menu is bigger than James Michener novel.


As you can see, they have something for everyone, including vegetarians. Granted, you’re stuck with a grilled cheese, but there are vegetarians starving in Africa, so be happy with what you get. Like Sundowners, you order your meal first and then go along the line to get your salad and drink and pay at the end. I ordered the rib-eye and got salad, baked potato, and cheese toast. Seriously, LOOK AT THESE PRICES! Where else are you going to get a filet for $15? And hello – a fucking sundae bar!?!?

The Steak Corral salad bar is easily the best salad bar you’ll ever visit. Not because of their actual salad, but because it’s in a covered wagon. Hoss and Little Joe are there to make sure you get enough salad and will gladly hand you a clean frosted plastic cup to get your soda and/or iced tea. After you pay, you take a seat and wait for your meal.

And what a meal it was! IMG_0694

That’s a totally decent and delicious $13 rib-eye. It’s no Peter Luger, but what are you expecting from a fiberglass cowboy? It was good and cooked perfectly (I like my steaks like my men – medium rare). The potato was cooked all the way through and the cheese toast was fine. But do you see those little cups of shit next to my plate?

Your ass forgot about the fixins bar.

From the D. McKinney Napkin Collection

So if you go back towards the front of the restaurant, they have a fixins bar loaded with items for your steak and/or potato. Things like sauteed mushrooms, carmelized onions, melted cheese sauce, brown gravy, peppers, salsa, more butter, green onions, and different steak sauces. Go fucking crazy with it – that’s why it’s there.

So when you’re done with your meal, don’t forget about the sundae bar. It’s just OK Corral – just your basic sundae toppings.

Overall, I really enjoyed my meal at the Steak Corral. The food was good, the price is definitely right, and it’s vintage as fuck. I would highly suggest going during off times though – because it’s cheap, it’s loaded with families during dinner time (especially the weekends). If it’s too crowded, you can take your ass down the street to Chris and Pitts and eat there. There’s no fiberglass Steak Kid, but it’s an old standby that’ll do in a pinch.

4 butter

I give Steak Corral FOUR out of FIVE butter pats for their hot diggity dog dining experience.

Steak Corral – 11605 Washington Blvd., Whittier CA, 90606

Souvenir Menu (from the D. McKinney Collection) 
Souvenir Menu (from the D. McKinney Collection)


Matchcover (from the D. McKinney Collection)

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