Movin’ On Up: Part One of Los Angeles 1925

I don’t consider myself a “vintage paper snob”, but since I’ve been balls deep in it for so long, it takes something truly spectacular to take my breath away like Berlin. But I picked up this Los Angeles apartment guide from 1925 and it’s so great, I have no more words like Berlin!


This 75 page vintage delight is filled with amazing ads, apartment building listings, and other pertinent information for tourists and new Los Angeles citizens. I’ll have to split this booklet review up in several posts, so make sure you check back to see what comes next.

I thought I would have a little fun with some “Now and Then” photos. The majority of apartment listings in this booklet are just that – a listing. But a few of the buildings threw down some dough to have an actual ad with a picture. Out of all of the ads, all but one is still there and still inhabitable. They’ve had some updating, but they surprisingly still look the same. The only building I couldn’t find was the Arlington Apartments. They didn’t list an actual number address, which is fine – I am a professional researcher after all. Buuuttt – I don’t think Acacia Street exists in that part of Los Angeles anymore. I did find an Acacia Street in Ladera Heghts,  but unfortunately it’s not the same. Funny, while I was doing my research, I kept humming 22 Acacia Ave by Iron Maiden. And then I started to think about an ex-boyfriend that lived on Acacia Street in Huntington Beach.

Fuck Acacia Street – I’m glad it doesn’t exist anymore!


The Aristo Apartments then:

Aristo - then

The Aristo Apartments now:

Aristo - now


The Charlotte Apartments then:

Charlotte Arms - then

The Charlotte Apartments now:

Charlotte Arms - now

Charlotte Arms - now2


The Sommerset Apartments then:

Sommerset - then

The Sommerset Apartment now:

Sommerset - now


The Francis Louise Apartments then:

Francis Louise - then

The Francis Louise Apartments now:

Francis Louise - now


The Westmont Apartments then:

Westmont - then

The Westmont Apartments now:

Westmont - now

Westmont - now2


Lastly, those god-forsaken Arlington Apartments:

Arlington - then

I’m just happy that these places are still around (95 years!) and hopefully they’re not total shitholes. If you live(d) here, let me know!

Stay tuned for more Los Angeles 1925 goodness!



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