Wiping it Up – My Collection of Vintage Southern California Napkins

Like most of my collections, I don’t remember how this one started.

But I assume I just picked up an old napkin because I thought it was “neat” or I could pair it with something else from my collection.

Now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure it started with collecting vintage Las Vegas napkins and then it spun-off into collecting Southern California napkins. I also have some miscellaneous vintage paper napkins, but overall, the SoCal collection remains supreme at 193 individual napkins.

This blog post came about because of two problems I’m having. One being that if I wanted to share my collection, I needed something that I could easily update. Back in 2019, I made a video of my napkins for my YouTube channel (which you should be subscribed to – if not, it’s youtube.com/dmckinney), and although it came out pretty good, it was instantly outdated because I keep acquiring new napkins and didn’t want to remake or reedit the video every time I needed to add a napkin.

My second problem is my biggest problem – I keep buying dupes! Some napkins I’m SURE I own, but others….not so much. So I forget and buy it second time. I needed something I could quickly reference when I’m shopping online or out-and-about and not just a list – I need to see actual photos of my napkins in case I do find a better quality dupe that could replace a worse-for-wear napkin (which you’ll see, I do have some unfortunately grody napkins.)

So this blog post will be killing two birds with one stone and then wiping up the blood. Starting an Instagram was suggested and it’s not a terrible idea, but that requires more interaction with people and tags and blah blah blah. Also, I have about 90% of the matching matchbooks that go with these napkins, so I might pair them up some other time.

I hope you enjoy my vintage Southern California napkin collection and I’ll be updating it when I do get new old napkins for my collection. I just ASK of you – if you share any of these to your social media pages to please credit me.

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