Trouser Press Thursdays #3 – April 1979

This week we join Trouser Press Magazine as they celebrate their 5th Anniversary. There’s lots of reminiscing, good and bad, and I enjoyed their “Five Year Calendar” that marked important things that happened in music. There’s also a lot of bitching and complaining, which I was totally expecting. Overall, a pretty good issue with lots to read.

I did realize something while reading this issue. I was halfway through the Frank Zappa interview and I grew tired of reading it because, although I’m not a huge Zappa fan, it was the same shit I’ve read a million times about Frank Zappa. But then I realized that I’ve read it a million times because it’s been regurgitated a million times in the last 40 years (give or take a few.) When I read these magazines (or any old magazines), I forget that these are indeed old to me, but new back then. So to the reader back in April 1979 who was reading this, it might have been fresh and interesting and a big deal. I try to keep that in mind before rolling my eyes when coming across an article/interview on these music martyrs and rock n’ roll legends. It also doesn’t help that I’ve been listening to the same music my entire life, therefore I’ve been reading about this music my entire life.

So let’s get celebrating 5 years of cool music……

And we have Aerosmith for the inside cover advert this month. I’m a little surprised, because Aerosmith doesn’t seem like the typical Trouser Press kind-of band. I will say that this album must have been good, because every time I find a copy, it looks like shit from being played so much.

Cause those people living on Solsbury Hill needed their milk NOW!

I know I’m going to Hell for this one, but isn’t it ironic (sic) that he died in a CAR crash while signed to CAR records.

The letter section was still filled with people BITCHING about the Top 100 Guitarists article from THREE issues ago (Dec. 1978 and Jan. 1979.) I like that Kevin Cronin is like the mom who’s daughter doesn’t make the cheerleading squad and is all “My daughter is better than some of these other girls that made it!” and the daughter is all “MOOOOM stop!” Poor Gary Richrath was probably all “Uh, thanks?”

Thank you, N.L. Slaughter from Bellaire, Texas for also being sick of these guitar whiners.

And thank you Cynthia Youmans for being the only person sticking up for Devo. And of course a woman is the only one with balls enough to do it. Bitches like us love Devo!

No Free Album Thunderdome in this issue, but this explains why there was no March issue. But there’s also not a March issue for 1980, so who the fuck knows?

I realized that I forgot to post the Raving Faves in the last review. Although this one is supposed to be tongue and cheek, they were surprisingly correct about a few of these.

More on this album later……

Why do I feel like this is some half-assed wannabe Peter Gabriel shit?

Hope I die ‘fore I have to be in another issue of Trouser Press.

Just another band from LA and just another article about Frank Zappa.

Why is it when I look at this photo, I imagine Graham Gouldman asking me to come up to the lab and see what’s on the slab?

Another rehash article about 10cc and more bitching about Godley & Creme.

This is the end……of my patience for reading yet another snoozefest fucking article about Jim Morrison and the Doors. Granted, I was born and raised here in Southern California, so I’ve been force fed this mojo-rising rhetoric my entire life. But still – WE KNOW!

Sorry for the inconsistent size of these images (but they should all be the same when you click on them.) I enjoyed reading this so-called “calendar of events” and thought they did a great job. I do find some of their entry choices interesting – even though I wouldn’t consider them a big deal, I guess it was a big deal back then.

And more bitching about picture discs!

Uh, I wasn’t alive because my parents were still in high school.

But this is what other people were doing…..

Boooo! I love this song and hopefully my future husband (or my future cats) will want to sing this with me.

Sometimes I wonder just who the fuck is writing these reviews (actually, I do know – it says that Tim Sommer did this review.) I take no issue with his assessment of John Belushi and Dan Ackroyd, but how can he say that their backing band is just “alright?” Like, did he have NO idea who they were? They all have experience writing and performing soul and blues songs, with members previously in Booker T. & the MGs, Sam & Dave, etc…. They’re like REAL soul and blues musicians.

Here’s an EXCELLENT article detailing all of the musicians in the Blues Brothers backing band –

Fun fact: My mom and dad were in the audience at the Universal Amphitheater for the Steve Martin/Blues Brothers double bill.

I would have loved to go to something like this. Born too late…..


Sooooo they hate Devo, but they like George Thorogood? What kind of New Wave magazine is this?

Speaking of Devo, here’s a pretty good article about other bands from Ohio. Surprise! All they do is bitch about Devo. They’re all “We’re grateful for Devo for opening doors for us, but fuck Devo.” Check out that pic of The Bizarros (such an original name) – they look miserable. I’d be miserable too if I lived in Ohio and was jealous of a bunch of nerds wearing Dolphin shorts and playing synthesizers.

I like the dB’s.

About time we get some real excitement in this magazine! But don’t let them know your album is on colored vinyl….

I get the feeling this reviewer doesn’t know that Klark Kent is Stuart Copeland.

And HOORAY! They reviewed and actually liked Some Kazoos by The Temple City Kazoo Orchestra! I told you that album is amazing!

And with that we end this issue with Elvis Costello on the back cover.

Goddamn that was a long issue – remember, it had 15 extra pages.

I’m glad we got to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Trouser Press Magazine. They technically get a “next five years”, but sadly they stop publishing in April 1984. But we’ll be along for the journey and I’m excited because I know the next five years of music is going to be pretty good.

Let’s just hope they lighten up on Devo and picture discs/colored vinyl.

See you in May 1979!

Elvis looks like how I feel.

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