Trouser Press Thursdays – May 1979

Nobody told me there’d be lots of cool ads in this issue.

I’ll be honest – I’m not a John Lennon fan at all. Yeah, he did some great music, but I don’t like how he treated people (including his own son.) But surprise – I don’t hate Yoko. Yeah, I use the term “Yoko-ing” a lot, but John was a grown-ass man that made his own decisions, so let’s quit blaming Yoko for his bullshit.

Besides, I’ve always been Team May Pang.

Anyways, the Lennon article was ok in this issue, but it wasn’t an interview nor a real article – they just went over his solo work up until 1979. So if you’d like to read it, go check out this issue on

But there were some decent articles this month and a shit-ton of record reviews (which I’m happy about.) Also, I do a little bit of crushing on Phil Manzanera.

And total surprise – the interview with John Lydon was actually pretty good. I’m not a big fan of his either, but I’ll give credit where credit is due.

I’m also crushing on that Judas Priest ad.

Hellbent for leather indeed!

So let’s go back in time and visit the cool music world of May 1979……

This month we have The Boomtown Rats as the inside front cover advert. Notice at the bottom it states that the album was produced by Robert John Lange – I’m guessing this was before he joined the Dog Pound.

It’s fine if you don’t like Mondays – just keep liking Trouser Press Thursdays.

I love how they’re so whatever about Sid’s death. They’re all “Oh, Sid finally died. NEXT….”

Just wait until the deaths come rolling in in 1980.

Why does it look like they cut Tom out of another pic and then inserted him in to this one?

They say these are the last of the “Top 100 Guitar Players” letters, but I have a hard time believing it.

Then they have these New Wavers vs. Prog Dudes letters. This is what happens when you only have five television channels to choose from and you left your Atari over at your dad’s house.

Glad to see I wasn’t the only one that thought the Buffalo Springfield article was a bum trip.

I guess I’m going to have to go with Cheap Trick, right?

Yeah, I’m going to pick Cheap Trick as my first choice and the Clash as my second. Every time I try to listen to that Fabulous Poodles album I end up shutting it off halfway through because it just bugs the fuck out of me.

More Poodles to come…..

May’s Raving Faves is kinda meh. But I’m excited to see the answers to next months question.

Besides, we all know that moi is the best rock critic (insert laughing crying emoji.)

I actually like Manifesto a lot. So much so that I even have it on 8-tack cassette.

Fuck the disco – give us the fucking money!

This pic looks gayer than the next ad:

That’s ROBERT Halford, thank you very much!

I kid. I actually love Judas Priest and this album. Not a bad song on the album, but “Delivering the Goods” is definitely the banger on this album (at least it is for me.)

Hell Bent for Leather also has one of my favorite album covers. It’s like a cross between Cruising and that Columbo episode (Death Lends a Hand) where you see the murder take place in Robert Culp’s eyeglasses.

More like NMEh….

People always RAVE about how suave and good looking Bryan Ferry is, but can we give some love to Phil Manzanera?

Super cute and super talented (even with the skinny tie.)

But you know what’s not cute?


Sorry Bryan Ferry, only two people in this world are allowed to wear that mustache and that’s John Waters and Ron Mael.

Now here’s some real facial hair:

This interview was ok. They interviewed Phil and discussed the Roxy Music break up and the solo albums. But then after interviewing him, they proceeded to talk shit about Manifesto (and even more so in the actual record review later on in the magazine.) It’s fine if they’re not digging it, but I wish people would quit comparing all of their later stuff to “Love is the Drug.”

Love is the drug and I need to snore……

I normally don’t include entire interviews, but like I said, this one was pretty decent.

I guess Terry Bozio was in this group for a minute between Zappa and Missing Persons.

I know I joked about this in the last review, but I don’t know – do you think they really didn’t know who he was?

No lie – I’ve always wanted to have a toga party.

Moogy II – Electric Moogaloo

Now here’s a comp I’m down with.

I’ve noticed in a lot of these ads that they’re overly descriptive about the actual record and sleeve. I know you’re buying it sight unseen through the mail, but really – I’m buying it for the bands.

No wonder Trouser Press hates picture discs and colored vinyl.

I posted these contests back in the review for Trouser Press #35 (January 1979.) My favorite answer is the one about the cheap truck.

Thank you for the tip, China Jones. I’ll definitely save money by not buying these albums.

Now seriously, which one would you want to buy? $22.50 in 1979 dollars is a LOT of money for an album you know nothing about.

By the way, $22.50 in 1979 equals EIGHTY TWO DOLLARS in 2021 money.

What’s funny about this article about rock books is that after Trouser Press stopped publishing their magazine in 1984, they continued to publish books about rock records.

The Residents always take residence on the inside back cover.

And we end this issue with Joe Jackson looking sharp on the back cover. This issue was pretty good and I noticed the lack of articles about bands that pretty much disappeared as soon as the article was published. Not that I don’t like discovering new bands (to me), but it gets tired rolling your eyes every time they mention how they’re “gonna make it big” and “have a top 20 hit.” There was also an interview with a Pete Ham-less Badfinger, The Only Ones, and Paul Weller, but I didn’t want to make this review too long. Like I stated above, you can always visit to read these articles.

Also there was an interview with local Boston bands, but after last issue’s Ohio band article, I didn’t need to read about these bands bitching about The Cars.

Or as they say, The Cahs.

See you next week as he coast into the summer of 1979 with the June issue!

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