Trouser Press Thursdays – September 1979

This issue was a mixed bag of meh.

Like, the Devo article was really good and the Made in Japan article was really good, but the Blondie article (which was pretty good) was waaaaaaay too long. Also, not a lot of ads. I mean in general not a lot of ads. Sometimes it doesn’t seem like there’s a lot of ads, but that’s because I try not to post ads that I’ve already posted (and believe me, some ads are in every single issue.) This issue wasn’t terrible, it was just…..meh.

But now that we’re entering the fall of 1979 with this issue, this just supports my ridiculous hate and aversion of the Fall (not the band). I seriously get depressed and miserable once September rolls around and I don’t get better until after New Years.

But hey – at least in the Trouser Press Thursdays world we only have three more weeks until we hit New Years 1980.

Which we all know what a shit year that was.

So maybe September 1979 doesn’t look so bad after all.

Until we hit the Wazmo review.

So lets get into it:

And we have Pat Travers on the inside front cover advert. I’ve already made a “Boom Boom (Out Go the Lights)” joke in a previous review, so I’ll spare y’all this time. But I’ve listened to my share of this album because my Dad had it and played it pretty often (this and Little Feat’s “Waiting for Columbus”).

I’d still vote for him over Trump. And this guy is (probably) dead!

Don’t worry Record Industry – just hang in there until August 1981!

So did Lemmy NOT have the ace of spades with him? I thought that was the only card he needed.

Here here!

No thanks – I’ll wait until next month’s Free Subscriber Album Thunderdome.

I’m all about choices, maaaaaaaaan.

They should cancel the subscription of any asshole that sends in “Stairway to Heaven” as his choice for Question 21.

Now we’re talking! I totally swooned when I saw this ad (and that picture of Graham Bonnet). Amazing album and an amazing band. It also proves that you can be a bad-ass rock band with a sissy name.

Happy Pride Month!

You know what else starts with “A”, right?

So here’s a little personal story:

My mom had the Parallel Lines album (which I now own that same copy) and would listen to it a lot when I was little. I loved the album cover and even as a little kid, I understood the composition of it and thought it was super cool (and it’s still one of my favorite album covers of all time.)

Fast-forward to the late 90s and I (now as a young adult) found myself in that store Exene used to own/run in Silverlake called “You’ve Got Bad Taste”. In the back of the store there was a glass display case that had as assortment of items, and it was called the “Punk Rock Hall of Fame” or some shit like that.

But in the glass case on a half of a mannequin was the white dress that Debbie Harry wore on the cover of Parallel Lines.

From seeing her wearing that dress on the album cover to seeing it in real life was pretty amazing (for me). So sorry, Chris Stein – we’re going to have to agree to disagree.

WHAAAAAT IS THIS? A good article about Devo? I didn’t think that was possible in Trouser Press Fucking Magazine.

I’ve been REALLY good about not reading ahead in future magazines. But I’m just super curious about their (future) review of Freedom of Choice, only because in the review of Duty Now for the Future, they made a quip that Devo made “one good album and one bad album, so they’re tied”.

At least they didn’t have the nerve to run one of those “bands from Akron that didn’t amount to shit, but hate Devo” articles in this issue.

And I’m sorry, but I’ve always have (and still do) have a girl boner for Mark Mothersbaugh. Hey Mark, guess what else is tied? My tubes, so call me!

This Made in Japan article was pretty interesting. If you want to read it, make sure you check out

Rust never sleeps when you’re getting blow jobs.

Happy Pride Month, take 2.

And guess what Wazmo – I hate this life too because you’re in every issue of Trouser Press and your song sucks.

More Japan for you.


Remember last week when I was all “Wah – I don’t they they released that second Temple City Kazoo Orchestra album!”

Well they did – but they changed the name of the group! Now they’re The Kazoos Brothers. Makes sense so it goes with the Plateful of Kazoos album.

Which I promptly purchased after seeing it in this Rhino Records ad. Now I want that International Elvis Presley Impersonators Convention album!

And we end this review with a comp of mid-west bands for the inside back cover advert and The Who (sans Kenny Jones) on the back cover.

So that was September 1979 in the Trouser Press world of cool music. Will the October issue be spooky for Halloween?

Spoiler alert: It kinda is! (I peeked at the front cover when putting this issue away)

See you in October 1979!

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