Welcome to the Jungle – Los Angeles Rock Review, October 1989

Y’all ready to rock out with your cock out?

I picked up this issue of Los Angeles Rock Review from October 1989 and it’s a perfect time capsule of the LA music scene at that time. It’s mostly hair metal, but we do have a little bit of punk rock and it goes a little goth with Human Drama on the cover.

Speaking of the cover, you’ll notice a little note of thanks to the members of Guns N’ Roses (and a few others) from Riki Ractman on the inside front cover. GNR was already huge by 1989, so I’m not sure what he’s thanking them for. I do have some earlier magazines with pre-huge GNR that I’ll post soon.

You’ll find the usual assortment of gig ads, but really – they’re always the best part of any vintage local music magazine. I also included a few other bits and pieces that I thought were interesting (or at least funny.)

So enjoy and welcome to the ephemera jungle, baby!

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