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What a drag it is getting old

As a fan of vintage music magazines (and vintage magazines in general) I was over the Keith Moon to acquire 63 issues of Trouser Press Magazine. I have a few issues in my collection, but nothing like this – a complete set of every issue starting from January 1979 to their last published issue in April 1984. Side note: these must have sat in someone’s basement since 1984 because PHEW – they stink like old funky magazine.

But no funk in these mags – Trouser Press brought you the best of rock n’ roll, new wave, punk rock, power pop, prog, underground stuff, and other cool music genres from both America and England. Fortunately for me, most of my favorite bands come from this era of music, so obviously these will be a treat to read.

Such a treat that I thought I’d share my reading experience with you. Each Thursday I’ll post which issue I’m reading (and I’ll most likely read them in order) and my thoughts, comments, snark, cool ads, and other things of note. If you are interested in reading any of these issues for yourself, they are all available For Your Pleasure at


Clearly because I’m the one reading these magazines with my own eyeballs and brains, whatever I say or comment on is my opinion. This series of blog posts are meant to be taken in fun and jest (and a little bit of sass.) I used to be quite sassy before everyone started getting butt-hurt about every little thing.

I’m bringing dat sass back.

I would love to read your comments regarding what I’m reading and posting as long as it’s civil and respectful. I hate to break it to you, but I’m allowed not to like something you like.

With that said, lets get Trouser Pressed!

Posts (starting in January 1979)

Trouser Press Thursdays #1 – January 1979

Fun Fact #1: Devo is one of my favorite bands, so it’s great to see them kicking off the New Year and this blog series. Fun Fact #2: I wasn’t alive when this issue came out. I was born in March 1979. With the headline of this issue being “DEVO:…

Trouser Press Thursdays #2 – February 1979

Let’s take a walk on the mild side with this issue from February 1979. And when I say mild, I mean meh. I’m not a big Lou Reed fan and I’m fine with that. But this entire issue is kind of meh. Not a lot of bands I’m into and…

Trouser Press Thursdays #3 – April 1979

This week we join Trouser Press Magazine as they celebrate their 5th Anniversary. There’s lots of reminiscing, good and bad, and I enjoyed their “Five Year Calendar” that marked important things that happened in music. There’s also a lot of bitching and complaining, which I was totally expecting. Overall, a…

Trouser Press Thursdays – May 1979

Nobody told me there’d be lots of cool ads in this issue. I’ll be honest – I’m not a John Lennon fan at all. Yeah, he did some great music, but I don’t like how he treated people (including his own son.) But surprise – I don’t hate Yoko. Yeah,…

Trouser Press Thursdays – June 1979

What’s so funny about peace, love, and understanding? Actually, I find all of it boring. Just like this June 1979 issue of Trouser Press. Despite having some articles and interviews with some of my favorite bands, this issue was a real snooze fest. The Elvis article was just some bloke…

Trouser Press Thursdays – July 1979

So last week there was no Trouser Press Thursdays because I was out of town. I thought I might have been able to get it done before leaving, but that never happened. No big deal. But I was STRUGGLIN’ this week while doing this review. One thing I like about…

Trouser Press Thursdays – August 1979

I’m apologizing in advance: I’m getting an endoscopy later today (the day I’m writing this), so I’m hangry and thirsty and it may effect my attitude while writing this weeks review. Hopefully in a good way, because we all know my writing and opinion is shit. Good thing I’m not…

Trouser Press Thursdays – September 1979

This issue was a mixed bag of meh. Like, the Devo article was really good and the Made in Japan article was really good, but the Blondie article (which was pretty good) was waaaaaaay too long. Also, not a lot of ads. I mean in general not a lot of…

Trouser Press Thursdays – October 1979

So we got David Bowie for October. Not totally spooky, but certainly spookier than say….Elvis Costello? I have one big complaint about this issue: Who in the fuck was their artist? Both this cover and the artwork for the Bowie article is fucking TERRRRRRRIBLE. Now I get it – not…

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